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Francisco Tamariz y Abelardo J. Andrade

Cuenca, Ecuador

9 am to 6 pm

Monday to Saturday


Price Range: from to

$390,000 USD.


This unique real estate in the Ecuadorian Yunguilla Valley offers unlimited possibilities. Situated in one of the most incredible climates imaginable it will not only make you feel like you are on a permanent vacation but also treat you to many fresh fruits grown on mature trees right in your garden. The 2.2 acres of land and the house are sold as a working farm or - the business end of it can be further developed. It has been operating as a guesthouse since 2012. A small coffee plantation with organically and shade grown coffee will please any coffee connoisseur and let you try your hand at a new hobby or further pursue the coffee growing end of this property. Guests enjoy practicing yoga and the atmosphere invites to further develop your meditation practice. The original house was fully renovated with expertise and attention to detail. All plumbing and electrical is new and offers everything you would expect in an American or European home. Enjoying life in the country side with the added benefit of being only a one hour drive from the UNESCO world heritage site of Cuenca. The Yunguilla Valley is still little known but offers a multitude of possibilities for adventure. The area is surrounded by mountains on all sides. It lets you enjoy country living in a safe and unpolluted environment with the advantage of being just an hour drive from the third largest city in Ecuador with its multitude of restaurants and cultural activities. Originally built as a weekend finca this completely renovated rustic style country house is one of a kind. With lots of love, a continuous conscious effort to keep the old look and feel while adding new and modern features we converted the existing house into a multipurpose and sustainable complex. We have rebuilt every surface area of the whole house and surrounding land. The ground floor of the building was constructed with Adobe which helps with keeping pleasant temperatures throughout the house without the use of heating or air conditioning.

The four individually decorated rooms with their en suite bathroom, an eating area and a living room all welcome with their unique design, exposed logs and high vaulted ceilings. The floors of the kitchen, the living room, the eating area, the massage room and the reception/office retain restored original terracotta floors. A social bathroom, office/reception and a massage room are all part of the main house. All rooms face onto a big patio currently used as the outside restaurant of the guesthouse with quality outdoor furniture (3 tables and 8 chairs) A fully outfitted kitchen (detailed list available on request) and a kitchen pantry 8.4m2 (90sq.ft.) with shelving and extra fridge. ADDITIONAL BUILDINGS A separate little house with a large bathroom – converted into a handicap accessible suite – accommodates your visitors or guests. The building has an attached tool/storage area and an outside shower. A laundry facility with ample, covered drying space. This building is at the same time our irrigation and potable water storage. A below ground, tiled reservoir holds 7500l (1’980 gallon) of potable water and 15’000l (3’960 gallon) of irrigation water with a separate pump for each.

AMENITIES The upstairs has all wooden floors (Eucalyptus) and the bathrooms are tiled. All four rooms have each a spacious, en suite bathroom with a walk in shower. A separate little house with a large bathroom – converted into a handicap accessible suite – accommodates your visitors or guests. The building has an attached tool/storage area and an outside shower. New, German plumbing (thermal fusion) for potable water; all grey water goes into leach fields for the subirrigation of plants and trees. Black water is disposed of into a septic tank. The whole house has been rewired to Western standards drawing from the properties own, personal transformer. Each room is equipped with plenty receptacles and built in lighting with fluorescent light bulbs for low energy consumption. There are 5 instant water heaters to serve all the faucets and showers with hot water. Seven propane cylinders. All appliances are low water use throughout the house. The house comes with a built in stereo system which services the eating- and living room as well as the patio area. Excellent wifi in most of the building. Good water supply for the house and ample irrigation water (1 h per week). There is a distribution system in place to service most of the property. The water comes onto the property in a 200mm (8 inch) pipe and enters two distribution boxes. It is then split into different areas for storage and immediate irrigation. All used land – including the coffee plantation – can be irrigated with sprinklers. Most of which is done by gravity. The water is stored in an irrigation pond – approx. 10m x 20m x 2m (33ft x 66ft x 6ft) or the below ground reservoir under the laundry area to be used during the week. Pre wired for a solar system The laundry building includes a high capacity, front load wash machine and ample, covered drying space. The kitchen includes a 0.7 m3 (26 cu.ft.) refrigerator The upper part of the property and all areas around the house have either gravel paths, cement or are covered with grass. This ensures easy and clean walking even during periods of rain. BUSINESS – GUEST HOUSE The estate has been operating as a guesthouse since 2012. The business is well established but so far has only been used to supplement income. It has an outstanding reputation and increasing revenue can be achieved with minimal additional effort. The sales price includes everything from linens to pots and pans. We have had the same employee since day one. He is reliable and has been part of the creation of the whole property. An incredible asset!!

THE LAND The 8880m2 of completely fenced land has a registered survey – professionally done with GPS. The land where the house sits is the highest part and has big rock features. The property immediately surrounding the house is flat with lots of mature citrus trees. There is a fairly steep drop down to the level of the hammock area and reservoir. This slop has a mix of existing mature trees such as avocado, guava, zapote, orange, papaya and banana. The terrain then gradually slops to the lowest part of the property where it flattens out and leads into a small coffee plantation (about 1’200 plants). he climate in this area is semi arid with very little humidity. It grows a large variety of plants from cactus to palms and orchids! The land has been organically farmed during the past five years – rejuvenating the soil which has attracted lots of life. We are implementing permaculture elements around existing features and trees – i.e. banana circles, hugelkultur, swales and heavy mulching.

THE RENOVATION During these 1 1/2 years we tried to combine our ideas, our budget, our concern for the environment, the desire to offer first class living and lodging while keeping the original rustic feel. Many of the upstairs wooden floors were replaced with a solid concrete and steel subfloor. New, German plumbing (thermal fusion) for potable water; all grey water goes into leach fields for the subirrigation of plants and trees. Black water is disposed of into a septic tank. Every room had a good size en suite, completely tiled bathroom added. The kitchen was completely torn down to the Adobe. New stucco was applied to the walls and new counters poured. Finished with granite. Cabinets were built and installed for clean storage. Many steel and concrete columns were added to support the second floor and the roof. The whole building – inside and out – has been cleaned, repaired and painted with quality paint. All the wood working has been stripped, sanded and repainted; all glass removed, cleaned and reinstalled. Windows in the rooms have been gasketed to keep out drafts. The old bodega that was recently converted into a handicap accessible separate suite has a new roof. The wooden framework was replaced with steel beams and old tile installed to keep the look. While improvement work on the house and outbuildings never seem to come to an end, plants on our property have grown tremendously! To this day nature keeps surprising us and the amount of fruit our trees keep producing is astonishing…

Una finca increible en Yunguilla. Es casi una hectarea de terreno y tiene plantacion de cafe y muchas otras frutas. Llamanos hoy para ira conocer.

  • Property ID: CP#0540
  • Price: $390,000 USD.
  • Bedrooms: 6
  • Bathrooms: 6
  • Garage: 9
  • Garage Size: 200 SqFt
  • Year Built: 2016-01-09

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