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Francisco Tamariz y Abelardo J. Andrade

Cuenca, Ecuador

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$250,000 USD.


If you’ve been looking for places in Yunguilla, you might have noticed that most of the places, or at least the bedrooms are setup for entire families spending their weekend in a warmer climate. Lots of beds and not a lot of luxuries in terms of entertainment systems and bedrooms. Well this place definitely is different.

Let’s tackle the numbers first: The land has almost 1 hectare of space, the house is over 3000 square feet and all of this is located just 2 minutes of the main road, which means you won’t be looking for this property somewhere in the middle of nowhere but it also isn’t right on the main road so you won’t hear cars go by all day.

For those who haven’t watched the pictures yet, this place is just gorgeous and build to live in daily, not just on a vacation or weekend base. There are a couple of modern fireplaces throughout the house, which will mainly serve a decorative purpose since the climate in Yunguilla is just perfect.

The kitchen is build according to the American style and is just huge, with things like the oven, microwave and kitchen itself build in, it even has a very nice breakfast isle so you’ll be very comfortable in the mornings.

The bedrooms follow the American trend and are very spacious and elegantly decorated. You’ll easily fall asleep here, without worrying about anything, and in the mornings when you open the drapes, you’ll enjoy the views Yunguilla is so famous for! The master bedroom has a huge bathroom with a jacuzzi and spacious shower.

One of the other attractive places in this house is the home theater setup. They even installed movie theater styled seats, complete with popcorn and beverage holders! What a great idea and execution! Furthermore, there are a few living spaces where you’ll be able to spend time talking to friends and family.

Did we mention there’s a small gym space and separate office in this house too! So you practically don’t have to step a foot outside this amazing property once you moved in!

Once outside you’ll immediately fall in love with the views of the mountains, the warm climate and the amenities located just a little bit lower from the house. Some very nice greek styled stairs lead down a big pool with ample seating and sunbathing area, and on the other side there’s a big open construction with a seating area, firepit that can be used as a barbeque and even a bathroom so you don’t have to run upstairs to change into your bathingsuit. You’ll be able to live like a king in this place.

One last important thing to mention is the fruit trees. As most of you will know, Yunguilla has amazingly fertile soil, and there are lots of varied fruit trees planted throughout this property. You’ll be able to enjoy your privately grown fruit to make your own healthy fruit salads! Call us today so we can show you this place asap, because I’m sure this won’t be up for sale for a long time.

Una casa grande hecho para vivir a tiempo complete, y no solo de vacaciones. ¡Tiene toques americanos en la cocina y dormitorios, es enorme y tiene hasta piscina, un espacio aparte para parrilladas y mucho más! Revisa las fotos y contáctanos para ir a ver esta propiedad hoy dia!

  • Property ID: CP#0530
  • Price: $250,000 USD.
  • Property Size: 3000 sqft
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 3.5
  • Garage: 0
  • Garage Size: 200 SqFt
  • Year Built: 2016-01-09

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