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Francisco Tamariz y Abelardo J. Andrade

Cuenca, Ecuador

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Price Range: from to

$220,000 USD.


A large farm located a 7 mile (11 Kilometer) drive from the main highway. It only takes a total of 35 minutes to go between the property and the city of Cuenca. It is one of the most interesting pieces of Real Estate in the Cuenca area

No neighbors drive by the property because it is at the end of the road. It has about a mile of river frontage, a virgin forest with a variety of animal life. A network of dirt access roads connect the different pasture areas and provide easy access to the river to make it easy to transport rocks or sand to other parts of the property.

The property has a high volume of water flowing through it all year long. The water is routed through a thick plastic tube down to the house where there is a valve which turns on water flow to the generator which is located lower down on the property near the river.

There is an unattractive, yet solid, wooden house of about 900 SQFT with a metal roof which does a great job of keeping the water out. It was built from wood from trees which grow on the land. The elevation of this property is 9600 feet (2925m) from sea level.

Electricity Generation Details:

The water volume combined with the pressure created from gravity as the result of dropping a long distance allows you to produce electricity similar to a municipal hydroelectric plant. Two generators are located near the river. One is the backup turbine/generator in a small metal box which has reportedly been working for the last 30 years without any maintenance other than replacing the brushes. This generator is not being used because there is only one set of wires going up to the house and they are connected to the bigger generator which is in the generator shack nearby.

The generator shack houses the main turbine / generator assembly which has a power output capacity of 3 Kilowatts. The power lines which run up to the house are 8-gauge wires. The owner designed and installed the electrical system and can teach the new owner how to maintain or modify it.

The average annual electrical energy consumption of a household in the United States is about 8,900 kilowatt-hours, equivalent to an average power draw of about 1 Kilowatt. En electric oven uses far more power than any other appliance and can take up to 4.5 Kilowatts. One of the pictures is of a large wood lathe which was used to turn tree trunks into decorative posts; it was powered by this setup.

Grid power passes nearby the property and could be connected also.

  • Property ID: CP#0028
  • Price: $220,000 USD.
  • Garage: 0
  • Garage Size: 200 SqFt
  • Year Built: 2016-01-09

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